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PKUCare Luzhong Hospital

PKUCare Luzhong Hospital is a level III general hospital, located at Zibo City, Shandong Province. It has subsidiaries including Luzhong Hospital south campus, Linzi Kangping Rehabilitation Hospital, Xiangshan Hospital, Fengshan Hospital, Shunda Hospital, Zibo Kangshou Nursing Hospital, and etc. PKUCare Luzhong Hospital has 39 major clinical and medical departments, around 1080 beds, with burn skin surgery the provincial key specialty. Relying on resources of headquarter, PKUCare Luzhong Hospital now has 7 healthcare centers in total, including a scientific research base of Peking University’s traffic medical center and national trauma care center, heart specialist difficult-and-rare-case consultation center, tumor diagnosis and screening center, digestive tract disease diagnosis and treatment center, Wu Jieping urology center, physical examination center for occupational disease and hernia treatment center. PKUCare Luzhong Hospital also undertakes major health services from National Health and Family Planning Commision and awarded as "National Innovation Reformed Hospital" in 2015.