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Wu Jieping Urology Center

The academician Wu Jieping (1917-2011) is a famous medical scientist, medical educator, urology expert and social activist, the founder of  urology since the founding of New China.

Wu Jieping Urology Center has the Professor Na Yanqun (the honorary chairman of China Urology Association and the honorary director of PKU Wu Jieping Urology Center) as the chief medical officer and brings all the top-ranking urology experts at home together. With high-quality expert resources, professional medical services and uniform consultation and training, its branches have been established throughout the country in ways of cooperation, merger, acquisition and new construction. By the end of 2014, 9 branches have been completely constructed in NingXia, WuHan, ZhuZhou, East ZheJiang (Ningbo), TianJin, BaoJi, TaiZhou, FuLing and AnShan.