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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    With 4 large-sized pharmaceutical bases in Chongqing, PKU HealthCare Corp., Ltd has 50 years of pharmaceutical experience and the manufacturing capacity meeting the international quality standards. It started to be certified by FDA since 1987, and now its 12 products have been successfully certified by FDA, 7 products have obtained the EU’s COS certificates and almost 20 products have been registered at the DMF of the US. Meanwhile, its understanding and application of cGMP also keep pace with the global world.

    Chongqing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Base constructed in 2010 is located in China’s third national new district – Chongqing Liangjiang New District (an industrial park worth 50 billion RMB). As constructed in accordance with the international highest standard cGMP, it is not only the modern and international bio-chemical drug manufacturing base in line with the norms of international pharmaceutical enterprises, but also the first-rate green manufacturing base in Asia.
    This manufacturing base is equipped with advanced facilities and complete accessories, thus it has a strong cost advantage. It maturely masters the optimization and purification of fermentation strains and can complete the highly difficult chemical synthesis procedure. With the complete chains from production research and development to the manufacturing, it can produce kilograms and kilotons of synthetic drugs and microbial fermented drugs. With all 12 agent production lines available, it can product all the tablets, capsules, granules, small-volume injections, powder injections and injection syringes.