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Pharmaceutical Logistics

    PKU HealthCare Corp., Ltd owns the GSP business companies in Beijing, Hubei and Chongqing, which have the distribution capacities to directly sale the self-manufactured agents and distributes products for domestic and foreign products such as Abbott. PKU HealthCare Corp., Ltd establishes firm business cooperations with the strong drug distribution companies in the country, covers more than 2,000 hospitals in this distribution network, and has 4000 sales staffs. As the new products are gradually put on the market, the sales force size will further expand.

      Global medicine circulation

      PKU Pharmaceutical Chongqing Fongkong Co., Ltd:

      Special preparation sales platform for PKU HealthCare and Daxing Pharmaceutical

      PKU Pharmaceutical Tok Trade Co, Ltd and PKU Pharmaceutical Tok Trade (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd:

      International business platform

      PKU Pharmaceutical Beijing Beiyi Co., Ltd:

      Large-sized medicine logistics platform in Northern China

      PKU Pharmaceutical Wuhan Yekaitai Co., Ltd:

      Large-sized medicine logistics platform in Central China