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Medical Supply Chain Solution

PKU Pharmaceutical Beijing Beiyi Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a listed company of PKU Healthcare Group, wholly hold by PKU Healthcare Corporation. It is engaged in pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, chemical reagents, and medical equipment supply and distribution business.

PKU Pharmaceutical Beijing Beiyi Co., Ltd. considers Beijing’s headquarter as the center, and its business radiates in north China, central China, northeast, southwest and other places. Relying on strong resources and financial support of Peking University and PKU Healthcare Group, PKU Pharmaceutical Beijing Beiyi Co., Ltd., as a centralized supply platform for PKU Healthcare Group’s hospitals, it establishes strategic cooperation with both national and international well-known enterprises, and provides integrated purchase, sales service and logistics solutions for upstream and downstream customers.

PKU Pharmaceutical Beijing Beiyi Co., Ltd. possesses a strong marketing and service team, and it set up an efficient and leading integrated services platform, and plays an important role in PKU Healthcare Group’s medical industry chain. For the future, the company adheres to "provide safe and efficient medical products, and first-class marketing services", and adheres business philosophy of "innovation, professional, pioneering, and win-win". Meanwhile, it considers improving the core competitiveness as the goal and strives to build up a nationwide market, as well as distinctive medical and pharmaceutical enterprise.