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Peking University Third Hospital

Peking University Third Hospital was founded in 1958 under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. It is a modern and comprehensive class A tertiary hospital integrating medical services, teaching, research and prevention as well as health care. At present, the Hospital has 2,556 in-service employees and 1498 clinic beds, 34 clinical departments, 11 medical technique departments, 28 doctoral programs, 1 clinical postdoctoral program, 55 in-service doctoral supervisors, 1 Chinese Academy of Science member, 1 Winner of National Natural Science Foundation-Outstanding Youth Foundation, 1 Chief Scientist of “973” Program under the Ministry of Science, 2 Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professors of the Ministry of Education, 1 elected candidate of National New Century Talents Project, and 6 experts with prominent contribution awarded by the Ministry of Health.