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Peking University People's Hospital

Peking University People's Hospital was founded in 1918, and is the first general hospital financed and operated by Chinese nationals. The hospital was originally named "Peking Central Hospital", with the first president of Dr. Wu Liande, Chinese modern medical pioneer.

Peking University People's Hospital, with the strategic goal of constructing university hospital with medical service, teaching, research and management meeting national level, is constructed as a national difficult, emergency and serious disease diagnosis and treatment center, a model base of clinical medicine education, a clinical medical science research and development base, and a model base for exploration and experiment for reform of hospital and medical health system. The hospital has developed into a modern integrated university hospital integrating medical service, teaching and scientific research. Peking University People's Hospital now has 2379 regular employees in total, 1 CAE academician, 1448 numbered beds (more than 1700 clinic beds), and is set with 40 clinical departments, 17 medical technique departments and 25 functional departments.