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Peking University First Hospital

Peking University First Hospital is a large comprehensive class-A tertiary hospital integrating medical services with teaching, research and preventive medicine. It lies in the old imperial city, the very center of Beijing, and is the closest hospital to Zhongnanhai.

Peking University First Hospital has a series of domestic pioneering disciplines, and takes the lead in developing medical treatment technology in China, the hospital established the first Pediatrics Department (1940), the first Urology Department (1946), the first Cardiovascular Ward in general hospital (1950), and the major of Nephrology (1950) and Pediatric Neurology (1950s) in China. The hospital is also in the leading position among domestic colleagues on the performance of intravenous anesthesia (1951), surgical treatment of congenital heart diseases (1950s), kidney transplantation (1960), artificial crystal embedding (1983), coronary intervention (1986), self-blood callback (1997), thoracoscope operation (1992) and mini-incision lung transplantation (2003) and so on. Therefore, Peking University First Hospital has contributed and is contributing its own efforts to Chinese medical industry.