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About Us

Peking University and founder group jointly established Peking University international hospital group

About Us

PKU Healthcare Industry Group was founded in 2003 and set up jointly by Peking University and Founder Group. It is the industrial-academic-research platform of Peking University Health Science Center.

Relying on Peking University Health Science Center’s perfect medical teaching and research system, rich expert resources and hospital management experience, as well as strong financial strengths and industrial integration abilities of Founder Group, PKU Healthcare Industry Group built up an industrial pattern: considering Peking University international hospital as a flagship,covering service networks of general hospitals and Specialized medical institutions across China, and connecting health insurance, medical informatization, elderly care, and pharmaceutical.

      PKU Healthcare Industry Group is the leading Healthcare group as the most influential Healthcare brand that started earliest ,with the richest Healthcare resources and succeeded experience of integration and promotion in China.

Core values:

Heritage – Inheriting the essence of healthcare, and being philosophical and benevolent

Mission  Leading China's Healthcare Reform, and abolish the old to create the new

Tolerance – Coherencing our thoughts and efforts ,and being inclusive and comprehensive

Perform – Taking the responsibility to lead China's Non-government Funding Healthcare, and perform our promise