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  • 2014

    In December 2014, Wu Jieping Urology Taizhou Center was established in Taizhou People's Hospital.

    In December 2014, Peking University International Hospital was formally opened.
  • 2013

    In May 2013, Founder Group signed strategic cooperation agreement with Peking University Health Science Center to develop in-dep...

    In April 2013, PKU International HealthCare Group established rehabilitation center together with Ling Feng, famous professor in international neurology field and famous international investment fund – Sequoia Capital. The establishment of the rehabi...
  • 2012

    In June 2012, "China-Germany Financial Cooperation ? Memorandum of Cooperation with PKU International HealthCare Group with...

    In May 2012, commencement celebration for PKUCare Health Industrial Park under PKU International HealthCare Group was held in Zhongguancun Life Science Park.
  • 2011

    In April 2011, PKU Pharmaceutical Beijing Beiyi Co., Ltd signed the agreement of China general agent of VycorViewSite Brain...

    In March 2011, the signing agreement on joint training for post-doctorate research personnel by PKUCare Pharmaceutical R&D Center and Peking University Health Science Center and Peking University of Chinese Medicine was held for the purpose of ...
  • 2010

    In May 2010, PKU HealthCare Management Center opened medical treatment channel to 8 class-A tertiary hospitals of Beijing.

    In April 2010, the signing ceremony on investment cooperation agreement with base of pharmaceutical biology headquarters of Founder Group was held solemnly in Beibei District of Chongqing.
  • 2009

    In June 2009, China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the reply to PKU International HealthCare Group Co., Ltd.'s t...

    In June 2009, the Company held the third temporary meeting of the second session of board of shareholders to agree to change company name into PKU International HealthCare Group Co., Ltd.
  • 2008

    In July 2008, PKU HealthCare Management Center was opened at Beijing Finance Street, called "Wall Street of China"...

    In May 2008, the Company held the first temporary meeting of the second session of board of shareholders in 2008, and decided to change company name into: Beijing PKU International HealthCare Group Co., Ltd.