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Peking University Medical City
Peking University Medical City is located in Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Changping District of Beijing, and is autographed by Zhu Shanlu, Party Secretary of Peking University and Wang Enge, President of Peking University in person after inspection.
The Medical City refers to a practical sample and typical flagship mode of industry integration of PKU HealthCare Industry Group.
The contribution to society
A powerful hospital network will be built in the area of Peking University Medical City on the basis of Peking University Health Science Center, and affiliated hospital of Peking University Health Science Center, i.e. Peking University International Hospital will be included; top-level special hospitals are set, including Peking University Sixth Hospital Changping New Hospital, Peking University Psychological Hospital, Wu Jieping Urology Center, PKUCare Rehabilitation Hospital.
Medical resource agglomeration